robot-507811_960_720You are not your brain.

When stress hits and you feel your body tense up and maybe a headache accompanies the tension, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

When fear occurs and you feel your heart rate increase and your palms get cold and sweaty, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

Ladies, when the limbic system in your brain releases hormones monthly and you experience irritability, sadness, foggy mind, or bouts of anxiety or insecurity, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

An important separation to make is that You are not your brain. Your brain is conditioned to respond in a certain way – to keep your body safe or keep your body functioning the way it’s designed.

The benefit of making the separation between You and your brain is that you can avoid being taken over by emotions other than love, happiness, joy, animages-1d peace.

When emotions arise that don’t contribute to your well-being, it’s an indication to stay really conscious and aware about the situation you’re in – what is it trying to teach you? How can you make it your friend?

If it’s not a real threat, then it’s just trying to set you free.

Recognizing when your brain is working for You versus working against You is pivotal! Recognize when the external doesn’t match up with the internal – c2304f42-2971-4392-ab66-b3dadef66196that’s the key in eliminating self-criticism, negativity or anger that lasts much longer than a 5 second life-saving reaction.

For example, if you’re driving on the freeway and a car inadvertently cuts you off, an instant unconscious reaction in the brain can help you to react in an instant to save your life. Your brain has used the stress response in your favor!

Howev111th_US_Senate_class_photoer, if you’re going to get up in front 70 people to speak about something that is important to you and you begin to feel the sudden rush of adrenaline, and fear somehow gets in the way of you being free to speak, then the external isn’t matching the internal. Your brain thinks it’s working in your favor, but it’s not.

The car wreck is a real threat to your well-being; the speech is not…even if it feels like it.

Next time you’re experiencing uncomfortable emotion – frustration, anger, self-pity, fear – decide whether your brain is responding the way it’s been conditioned. If it is, then You have the power to change that. You can perform brain surgery by thinking in a new way.

Over time, your brain will be re-conditioned to stay out of the way of who You are: peace, joy, contentment, acceptance.

“Who I am is different than the chemicals my brain is conditioned to release. When I realized that I can recondition my brain to more align with Who I am, I finally began to feel like Myself – at peace, content, and accepted.”  – INL participant

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