Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

Half of you are hooked right now. You know what’s next.

Ice is back with my brand new invention.

Come on – you KNOW this.

Something…Grabs ahold of me tightly – flow like a harpoon daily and nightly.

Will it ever stop? Yo. I don’t know!

(What happens if you turn off the lights? That’s right, people born in the mid 70s-90s…) I’ll glow!

To the extreme I rock a mic like a candle, light up the stage and wax a chump like a candle… Dance! Bum rush the speaker that booms…I could go on.

From memory, I can type the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby and when the song comes on, I can sing it from autopilot. It just flows out of me. My brain is conditioned to recognize the first ch-ch-ch to the last ding-ding-ding-dee-da-ding-ding of the song.

I memorized the song when I was 11 years old. I remember sitting on the couch with the folded lyrics paper that comes in a cassette tape and rewound and replayed and rewound and replayed until I could sing along – without thinking.


That’s how a lot of our thinking is done. And by “our”, I mean humanity.

Unconscious thinking is one way the brain becomes so efficient – it categorizes and sorts and organizes information continually without our awareness. In order to reprogram our thinking – which leads to how we show up in our actions – we’ve got to bring those unconscious things into our consciousness in order to make mindful decisions instead of reacting mindlessly on a whim.

It’s the difference between reading a shady Facebook post and scrolling on past it, or getting offended and violently typing a reaction to defend or protect or point out the part we think is so idiotic.

So when Ice Ice Baby popped up in my playlist and I sang the whole song without missing a beat to my 7-year-old daughter, I used the moment to teach her a valuable lesson: it’s important what you entertain with your mind.

If you have a thought that is harmful or limiting you in some way (“I’m shy”, “I’m too tall/short/fat/thin”, or “I need to NOT be as good of a reader so other kids won’t feel badly about themselves”, for example), and if you continue to repeat it, overtime it becomes an unconscious thought, embedded in the neuropathways of your brain. It’ll just flow out of you – in your actions.

You’ll play small. You’ll hide. Or you’ll adjust yourself so others will “like” you.

“First, pay attention to what you’re putting in your mind,” I told my daughter, “and secondly, pay attention to the messages you’re saying to yourself about yourself.”

Be aware of your thoughts. Don’t go on autopilot.

(Unless it’s on purpose and you want to bust a rhyme with your homeboy Vanilla Ice, then by all means, enjoy that mindless moment!)

Once you begin to be conscious of those unconscious thoughts, then what?

If thoughts are harmful, hit rewind. Then consciously hit RECORD and tell yourself something new. It’s your free will. You can choose what you want to think and feel.

Then replay and replay and replay until you’ve created a new message, a new neuropathway. Eventually THAT thought will be filed and organized and stored and called upon by the part of your brain that’s just doing it’s job – the reprogrammed one – the one with the message, “I’m kind! I’m a great reader! It’s okay to be great! I don’t have to play small – I actually inspire others more when I’m being authentic to who I am!”

Practice this.

With intention.

Oh, and keep rapping it up: Word to your mother.

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