images-2We can’t tell each other how to feel. It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. In fact, saying, “don’t feel that way” feels about as equally as harsh as a slap in the face.

Emotions feel legit.

But when your brain has been hijacked by the amygdala – a small center in your limbic system in charge of emotion – it’s time to get smart. When that tiny almond sized part of the brain is in control, energetic intelligence is no longer present.

You can recognize when energetic intelligence is lacking by knee-jerk reactions, feeling out-of-the-mind fury, or responding out of highly-charged emotion rather than logic.

Maybe you’ve seen a few of these posts on social media? Maybe you’ve posted some yourself…

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Studies show the more often people say “I”, the less powerful and sure of themselves they are likely to be.

So while reacting or responding to share what YOU think YOU know, the impression others pick up on is that you really don’t. The powerful person is looking out into the world, making observations. The powerless person is looking at himself.

  1. Ranting neglects the consideration of others and appears emotionally irresponsible.

Ranting would better serve humanity by being done by pencil and paper…in a journal. Once those toxic emotions are released, the amygdala loosens its grip and an intelligent argument can be made without introducing toxins to others without their permission.

Get it all out, yes! But do it in private, please.

  1. The same energy with which you post, invites the same energetic response.

A hint of self-righteousness will be met with the same self-righteousness in others. A small amount of despair will be met with the same despair in others. Anger and defensiveness? Well, like a hunting lion, people full of the same energy are rocking back and forth looking to pounce.

So while your instinct is correct in feeling a need to release harmful emotion, emotional Facebook posts only perpetuate the feeling. Although your instincts say, “chime in,” there is rarely relief. Why? To put it plainly: you’ve stirred up more shit that you’re unconsciously trying to eliminate.

Ways to Cope Intelligently:

  1. Write.

When you feel the hijack coming on, STOP. Take a deeeeep breath. Relax. Open your desk drawer and pull out a pen and paper and write. Get that shit out.

  1. Remove your Facebook App.

If you can sense the amygdala is still holding you at gunpoint, then take a break from Facebook. A REAL break. Like cold turkey for 72 hours, to start. Three weeks for a warrior.

Threatening to “see ya later” or promote disdain by “leaving forever” and then secretly scrolling through during a weak moment isn’t real, and quite simply proves the point of this blog.

  1. Get a coach.

Coaching is a way to release, manage, and clarify emotions with people trained to help you sort them. See how you’re responding energetically after that.

  1. Move your body.

You have built in chemical dispensers. Talk a walk to clear your energy: literally. Endorphins will lift your mood.

  1. Get affectionate.

Hug your neighbor – for at least 10 seconds. Snuggle with your pets. Hold your children. Make affectionate physical contact. Oxytocin is another chemical you have the power to release within you.

Think of your fellow man the next time you’re possessed by emotion and take responsibility for what you do with the way you feel. Practice energetic intelligence.

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