astroturfDoes anyone else find it easy to look at what someone else has and think it’s better than what you have?

In Chapter 9 of An INspired Evolution, I write:

“We’re often looking for something beyond what is right here. In this quest, people climb a ladder for years to reach some pinnacle of success to find it wasn’t there. Some make purchases thinking the next item is “it”, but it isn’t. Some will scour the earth for a mate only to find out…that sharing life with another person comes with little annoyances and monotonous everyday duties.”

Looking at someone else’s life externally isn’t a fair gauge of what’s real and what’s not. External measurements don’t always measure “real”.

The grass might look greener, but it also might be astroturf: Fake.

So how does one measure “real”?

I was reminded of this:

“In the end, the only real love in the world is found when you let yourself be truly known.”

That requires intimacy, doesn’t it? Allowing people IN, instead of holding them at arms length? That’s so brave. Because sometimes what happens is we find out the grass looks green and lush, but it’s not real. When you get in there barefoot, it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t smell good. And it doesn’t allow much for planting and growing a garden.

I know you’re catching onto the metaphor.

Get to know people at a real level. Let them get to know you. You’ll find that the color of the grass doesn’t matter at all.

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