likeYou want people to like you. You do.

I mean for real, down deep who doesn’t.

Having nice things or looking attractive is an attempt to be liked. Or maybe saying yes to everything you’re asked to do is another. Appearing highly successful or talented or cool are other avenues.

Something inside you doesn’t stay as true as you’d prefer, but to secure acceptance it feels like a little give here and there isn’t that big of a deal.

But I’m telling you, it is. It’s a big deal.

“When we are not able to speak authentically, our relationships spiral downward, as does our sense of integrity and self-regard,” says Harriet Lerner.

Each time we change ourselves to become more of what we think someone else will find appealing, we lose a bit of what makes us, us – our authenticity.

Think about this: It is better to be disliked for who you genuinely are, than to be liked for who you are NOT.

If someone isn’t going to like you, then let them not like the real you! You’ll only draw those who are genuinely similar in characteristics to yourself. There’s no drawback to that! You’ll be around people with which you naturally connect and genuinely respect.

Speak authentically today. YOU will like you a lot!

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