imgresBeing able to strategically place a curse word is a gift. Too many, and they lose their punch. Too few, and an opportunity is missed to create an effective point.

Putting words together to create different sentence structures, like this complex one you’re reading right now, is a talent. It excites me to break up thoughts using hyphens for emphasis – like this. And it’s meaningful for me to use punctuation to create pause. Stop. Just exist. Take it in. Slow down. (Like that.)

If words were those plastic balls that fill pits for little kids to jump in, I’d flop right in and waller all around in those things.

I love words. Love to write. Love to express and create and inspire.

But here’s the thing. Like anything that matters, there’s a voice that creeps in whenever I want to share (literally, clicking “share”) my talent as a gift:

Nobody wants to read that. People will think I’m being self-centered. I didn’t write it well enough. People won’t be inspired. I’ve already shared too many. Who am I anyway to think someone wants to read something of mine?

Do you ever hear that voice? The fear? The self-doubt? The frickin nonsense?! (Note the strategically placed semi-curse word.)

Here’s what I’m learning: Do. It. Anyway.  Someone in the world needs your gift.

Two gifted women inspired me this week.

Meet Jamie. Jamie has a multitude of gifts. She’s authentic, athletic, energetic, fun-loving, can meet a person where they’re at in their heart; she’s a free-spirit, has some killer dance moves, and likes wide open spaces. And I found out this week she sings about wide open spaces. She posted a video of her adorable self singing the Dixie Chicks song and playing her guitar.

She inspired me.

If someone as selfless as Jamie can post herself singing not because she thinks she’s “all that” (which she is), but because she’s sharing her talent, then I’ve received her gift.

You with me?

Let me point out there are “selfies” and there are “selfishies”. Come on – you know what I mean. You’ve seen the post that is just “look at me” versus “I hope this inspires you”. Selfishies are about “me”, but there are selfies that can speak to “you”.

Meet Jessica. Jessica is determined, motivated, makes things happen, is self-aware and a natural leader. She is a woman who gets things done and is a vessel of strength. Literally. She. Won’t. Quit. I watched a video of her dead-leg-lifting some amount of weight I could only dream of getting an inch off the ground.

She inspired me.

For someone as beautiful as Jessica who can post herself lifting not because she thinks she’s all that (which she is), but sharing her talent in body transformation and strength while knowing about her previous struggles with body image, then I’ve received her gift.

What is your gift? Are you sharing it?

Even if you feel your talent or gift only includes strategically placing a curse word for special effect, well then damnit, do it! The world needs your gift!

Face your fear and self-doubt head on.  Find your talent. Share it. Inspire us. You’ll give us all a gift.

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