Celebrity deaths remind us that no matter who we are, no matter location, financial status, talent or genius, we all share one thing in common: our bodies will stop functioning one day. Our lungs stop absorbing oxygen, our heart will lie still, and our bodies will turn cold.

Temporary existent is completely normal. It’s just that when it happens to icons who seem a little more than human, we’re a bit shocked on a global scale.

But when people are faced with death, they tend to pay more attention to life.

At the end of The Alchemist, an interview with author Paulo Coelho connects these dots. When asked what he would like written on his epitaph, Coelho replied, “Paulo Coelho died alive.”


Think about that for a sec. The interviewer did.

She asked, “Well, doesn’t everyone die alive?”

Well? DOES everybody die alive?

Sure you’re breathing and your heart is beating, but are you really ALIVE?

In the words of Kyle Cease, “Thank you so much to 2016 for teaching us that everything is completely temporary.”

2016 was a good friend if it ever nudged you to die alive. May 2017 be your good friend, too.


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