A statistic recimagesently surfaced that 40-50% of those who resolve to make changes in January will succeed for at least 6 months. And of those who are still plugging away in June, the odds of continuing are 10x more likely to make it all year!

Coincidently, 25% of those who charge ahead January 1, also end up quitting before the end of the week.

So what would you like to really change in 2016?

Here are three tips for success for real change:

  1. Make Reasonable Resolutions

The most common New Year’s resolution is losing weight. Most people inherently know they’ll feelcelebration-design-psd-431116 better by shedding some extra pounds. While losing 40 pounds may guarantee feeling better, it may be a bite too big to chew all at once. Instead of aiming for 40 pounds and losing sight of the goal half way in, start with 5 pounds. Once that is accomplished, go for 5 more. Making smaller reasonable goals allows you to celebrate more often throughout the year
instead of holding out until all 40 pounds are gone!

  1. Lay off the Guilt

Perfection is unreasonable. Don’t be that guy. Give yourself a break to “cheat” or “enjoy” or “make a mistake”. Decide ahead of time that perfection is not your goal or you’ll plummet and want to quit when you decide you’ve screwed up your resolution.

  1. Find Accountability

images-1This doesn’t mean punishment or guilt! It means find someone who will celebrate in your successes and genuinely cheer for your wellbeing. Be careful NOT to choose someone you know you’ll want to please. That’ll shift the energy of your resolution to doing it for someone else. Do it for you, and find someone supportive of you.

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