I’ve been hearing this phrase come out of my mouth lately during coaching calls: There is so much right with you.

After this last time I heard it, I decided to sit with it.

There is so much right with you.

Because this phrase has surfaced, it means many people feel there is so much wrong with them. They don’t come out and say the words verbatim, but there is an underlying uncertainty of not doing enough….not doing it well…doing it incorrectly…or guilty of all of the above.

A line by Morgan Freeman, who played God in the movie Bruce Almighty, etched itself in my memory sixteen years ago and comes back now and then: Why did I make humans so insecure?

Inadequacy, doubt and uncertainty are nothing new. Adam and Eve hid when they realized they were naked. You’d think the only two people on earth, who would have no one to compare to their bodies with, wouldn’t feel insecure about themselves!

Let’s get this straight: there’s nothing wrong with feeling like something is wrong with you, so tell shame it’s not needed if it starts to rear up.

Second, when it does show up, see it for the messenger it is. Being able to state the feeling of inadequacy as “I feel like there’s something wrong with me” is how we can begin to see how our behaviors play out because of it.

For example, are you holding yourself back with this belief?

Do you fret? Do you feel guilty? Do you hide what’s right with you for fear what’s “wrong” needs “fixed” first?

(Is your beautiful, light-up-the-room smile hidden because you’re trying to “fix” what’s “wrong” with your body?)

The world needs you, just as you are––exactly as you are––or it’s missing out.

There is so much right with you.

By flipping our script to focus on inherent goodness, gifts, talents, and attributes, we find that what is so “right” has been serving the world the whole time. We just missed it because we busy trying so hard to focus and fix what we thought (or had been told) wasn’t.

  • Hey mom, with the job and the kids and the house, you’re doing fantastic. You’re balancing and then you’re counterbalancing; you’re paying great attention. There’s something right with you as a mother.
  • You’re doing well as a leader, sir. You’re in this position because you want to make a positive impact; you’ve made some already. There’s something right with the way you’re leading.
  • Ma’am, you’re doing great as CEO. You have a vision that you want to see come to fruition; you’re thinking outside the box. There’s something right with how you’re creating what you see.
  • Hey sweetheart, you’re beautiful. You have a pure heart and a healthy body. There’s something right with the way you look. There something right with who you are!

When doubt or inadequacy show up, remember: There is so much right with you.

What is right with you today?


Rachel is a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters Degree in Counseling. She coaches professionals through important decisions so their minds are clear to move forward in life and in business. Leave a comment or drop her a note: rachelt@essdack.org

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