I saw a post that resonated that I haven’t been able to shake: “The World is Changing and I’m on the Transition Team.”

I feel a calling to add energy into the world that is not laced with fear, contempt, or anxiousness. Do I feel those things? Yes. And I also feel gratitude, hope, and a desire to grow deeper in love and wisdom than ever, and I want to contribute energy in those ways.

Assembling a “transition team” has been on my heart.

What does a Transition Team do?

  • supports one another
  • brainstorms ideas to help others
  • contributes with rational thinking
  • encourages wisdom
  • focuses on love

During quarantine, social distancing and isolation, my usual posts about leadership and self-development seem irrelevant. I’ve been hesitant to make posts because I want to be mindful of the energy that may react to optimism as not taking this seriously enough. 

But today more than ever it’s important to lead our families well, to connect with wise friends, to follow-through with what is being called out from your inner-being to do. 

  • Maybe it’s learning to be still with peace instead of frozen with fear.
  • Maybe it’s considering the legacy you want to build into your children about how adults respond to change, uncertainty, and mortality.
  • Maybe it’s redefining who you are and what’s most important. (Who are you without sports, work, stuff, or hair dye?! My true gray roots are emerging.)

So this is like an Avengers call-out!

Do you feel a calling to help your friends, family, neighbors, go through this transition with hope?

Do you feel a calling to invest emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually with your family?

Does being part of a “transition team” create some excitement and call to you, too? 

Reflect: What has been stirring in my heart, mind, or gut? 

I’m thankful for you, reader, and I don’t take you for granted. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rachel is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coaching Federation (ICF) for INspired Leadership at ESSDACK. She helps professionals get where they want to be, faster. Contact her.

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