Clinging to what is good and resisting what is bad is a guaranteed rollercoaster ride.

Trying to control people or circumstances to feel secure leads to more insecurity because confidence is not an external matter. As counterintuitive as it may seem, relinquishing the need for control unveils confidence.

Consider this:

  • What keeps a flock of birds from crashing into each other in flight?
  • What keeps your heart beating without conscious effort?
  • How does the earth spin at the exact angle needed to sustain thriving life in a galaxy that is so big it’s impossible to discover it all?

The birds, our bodies, and the earth exist in “the zone”. They don’t have to try to be in it.

For the rest of us, that zone appears to fluctuate because we can consciously think “whether this or that is good” and try to get more to be content (and cling) or “this or that is bad” and can’t be content because of it (and resist).

Confidence, insecurity. Confidence, insecurity. It fluctuates.

The nature of confidence is rooted in knowing that even when we feel disconnected, alone, insecure, angry or afraid, nothing has been lost because joy, wisdom, connection and love are still there.

To solidify the point, just pause for a second and feel your heart beating.

<<< >>>

I invite you to wonder what you inherently know (or feel) to be true. Likely, it’ll be similar to what the birds “know”, your body’s intricate functions “know”, and the earth on its axis “knows”.

In times of of insecurity, we’ve simply forgotten the underlying truth. And forgetting is easier to forgive.

When you want to remember the nature of confidence is everlasting, in sync, and “un-lose-able,” take one long look into the sky…and relax.

Reflect with a rhetorical question: When was the last time you chose to feel confidence? When was the last time you chose to feel insecure?

Rachel is a certified coach & fluctuator in confidence. (She also makes up words.) Learn more here.



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