The Force AwakensThe newly released Star Wars movie caught my attention weeks before its premier because of three words: The Force Awakens.

I have a thing for awakenings.

In the literal sense, my husband talks, walks, hunts, farms, and screams profanities at snakes in his sleep. While fully asleep, he’ll react as if he were totally awake. I used to shake him to awaken. Now I have to reason with him. I AM awake, he’ll tell me, when in reality he’s sawing logs. It’s fascinating. It’s like his unconscious mind has taken over and doesn’t want him to know it.The way I liken my husband’s literal state of sleep-walking is figuratively how many people function awake. Many are simply going through the motions of life – feeling stressed, unhappy, or unhealthy.

Some are numb. Some are out of control. Some will reason why they’re stuck and can’t change.

They don’t have enough money. They don’t have someone to love them. They don’t like what they see in the mirror.

I often want to say: WAKE UP!

You ARE life! One day you will be dead and your experience on this earth will be OVER! Wake the heck

In the briefest synopsis possible: when a new character in Star Wars begins to awaken to The Force inside her, the dark side knows she’ll be unstoppable when she fully understands and believes the power of The Force. Throughout the movie, destiny calls and beckons her – the light speaks and woos her to Itself.

Deep calls unto deep.images
The Force calls unto The Force.

Once awakened to this force, your greatness can be magnified
. You’ll
know who you are. Your family will know who they are. Your coworkers and friends and strangers will begin to awaken to this Force and will stop sleep-walking through life, trying to FIND this thing…this energy…this greatness that is so readily available within them.

yoda_by_zhanspirit-d334bkoHow does this light woo you?

Through a blog? A relationship? A stirring in the gut? A movie?

However you begin to get a glimmer of awareness of this “force” within you, focus on it hard. Contemplate it. Observe it. Become supremely conscious about it until you are wide awake.

Try two simple steps to magnify your greatness:

  1. Use a light saber to start carving away everything that does not give you life – anything that keeps you asleep in darkness to the truth of your absolute greatness. (Misplaced your light saber? We have plenty!)
     images-12. Use your power for good. Every moment gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be in that moment. Do you want to access The Force in love, or take the path of fear to the dark side? Either way is your choice, just make sure you’re choosing while you’re awake and not during a state of deep sleep.

Facebook Header_INspiredMay The Force not only be with you, but also awaken within you.

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