The Nature of Confidence

Clinging to what is good and resisting what is bad is a guaranteed rollercoaster ride.

Trying to control people or circumstances to feel secure leads to more insecurity because confidence is not an external matter. As counterintuitive as it may seem, relinquishing the need for control unveils confidence.

Consider this: (more…)

What Celebrity Deaths Teach Us

Celebrity deaths remind us that no matter who we are, no matter location, financial status, talent or genius, we all share one thing in common: our bodies will stop functioning one day. Our lungs stop absorbing oxygen, our heart will lie still, and our bodies will turn cold.

Temporary existent is completely normal. It’s just that when it happens to icons who seem a little more than human, we’re a bit shocked on a global scale.

But when people are faced with death, they tend to pay more attention to life.


Get Beyond Coping…and Thrive

imagesIn some areas of your life you’ve been coping.

Sometimes to cope you numb yourself with a vice like your phone, alcohol, television, drugs, or medication. Sometimes you just get to a place where you survive the day in order to face the next one.

Maybe you’re playing a role instead of being who you really are. This makes you feel drained, guilty, and sometimes angry. What you’d really like to do is thrive – just by being yourself without any expectations from yourself or others to live up to. (more…)

Captivity is Optional – Set Yourself Free

While driving by a prison last week, I gawked at a few men digging a new grave. Two other gravestones nearby marked newly tossed mounds of dirt.

“Hm. People die as prisoners…” I’d never really contemplated it before.

freedom!Quickly I recognized two kinds of captivity: physical and mental.

There are people who are not physically living in a prison, yet they’ll die as prisoners. Their gravestones won’t be located on the corner of the prison grounds, but they’ll be buried as a person who was held captive, nonetheless.

The mind can be a prison guard. It can run us, like automatons, if we let it. We’ll just go through the motions in life, wearing our orange jumpsuits, never really stopping to consider what the meaning truly is behind those motions. (more…)