Clubs, Curbs & Courage

Years ago I sat outside in the dark on a curb with another woman who didn’t really want to go into the strip club either. In fact, none of the group (that I’m aware) had gone into one before, but it was a bachelorette party, so it seemed like the best time to let our hair down and do something memorable.

But I didn’t want to.

It wasn’t “me.”

So I sat on the curb that night and waited for the party to go on. (more…)

3 Things You Need to Know that Hide Potential

When asked how he carved his infamous statue of David, Michelangelo replied, “I just chipped away what wasn’t David.”

In the business of personal coaching, group coaching, and culture audits, our goal is similar: to help individuals and groups chip away what gets in the way of inherent possibility.

“There was time before you felt (insert limiting belief here),” I tell clients. “The You from that time is still inside.”

Then we proceed with the process of chipping marble–of chipping thinking, feeling, and doing. (more…)

When You Feel as if You’ve Lost Your Way

I’m experiencing a pervasive inadequacy. This was the second line I wrote in an SOS email to a friend.

Are professionals supposed to confess stuff like this on a public blog? It’s risky, my ego tells me, but I feel I’m also risking something more dangerous if I don’t­–a belief that when looking at the life of someone else, it always appears good, or at the very least, somehow better than yours. (more…)

The Grass might be Greener, but it also might be Astroturf

astroturfDoes anyone else find it easy to look at what someone else has and think it’s better than what you have?

In Chapter 9 of An INspired Evolution, I write:

“We’re often looking for something beyond what is right here. In this quest, people climb a ladder for years to reach some pinnacle of success to find it wasn’t there. Some make purchases thinking the next item is “it”, but it isn’t. Some will scour the earth for a mate only to find out…that sharing life with another person comes with little annoyances and monotonous everyday duties.” (more…)

Why being Disliked is Liberating

likeYou want people to like you. You do.

I mean for real, down deep who doesn’t.

Having nice things or looking attractive is an attempt to be liked. Or maybe saying yes to everything you’re asked to do is another. Appearing highly successful or talented or cool are other avenues.

Something inside you doesn’t stay as true as you’d prefer, but to secure acceptance it feels like a little give here and there isn’t that big of a deal. (more…)