3 Ways to Hang onto Joy

222403868_d0f7491a98_oWhy is it that people can hold onto anger or resentment or sadness for years, but holding onto joy seems fleeting?

I have known people who have carried a grudge for years, but I don’t know as many who have carried joy for as long.

Change may be the culprit. Change asks us to let go. It means we have to let go of what we want in a situation. It means letting go of our egos in a situation. It means letting go of our old ways of thinking.

Let’s face it – our brains prefer the path of least resistance. If you don’t believe me, just hone in on your habits sometime and pick one to change overnight. It’s difficult. (more…)

How People are Radically Improving in Only 20 Minutes

images-7What if I told you that only 20 minutes a day of significantly doing “nothing” could improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, increase your productivity, and deepen your sense of significance?

It’s true.

I like to sit quietly for 20 minutes and just breathe. I shut down my thinking, become keenly aware of what’s going on inside me, and experience calm and total peace. This routine allows me to be totally present, and I’ve learned to practice taking this presence with me throughout my day. (more…)

You are not Your Brain

robot-507811_960_720You are not your brain.

When stress hits and you feel your body tense up and maybe a headache accompanies the tension, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

When fear occurs and you feel your heart rate increase and your palms get cold and sweaty, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

Ladies, when the limbic system in your brain releases hormones monthly and you experience irritability, sadness, foggy mind, or bouts of anxiety or insecurity, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing. (more…)

Adult Coloring Books? Really?

urlAdult coloring books topped the Amazon.com best-seller lists in 2015 and will likely still be there in 2016 and on. Why are so many adults seeking out mandalas and patterns collected in a book to color?

People want to de-stress. Period. And coloring creates mindfulness, which is a technique that manages thoughts and feelings with focus and relaxation.

With the pace of our world, our minds are constantly going – mostly without our awareness. Stress can come from our environment, but mostly it comes from our mind.

It’s like this: (more…)

One Easy Way to Instantly Reduce Stress

Businesswoman thinking. Thought bubble above

Your mind is constantly telling a story with or without your permission. It narrates what it sees and begins to label and file its interpretations. The efficiency of this amazing machine is what gives human beings creative and critical thinking – we can use this to our advantage when we are mindful and engaged, but most of the time our brains function without our conscious knowledge.

Here’s why:

When there is missing data, our brains automatically fill in the gaps.