You Know You’ve Peaked when Your Focus is You and not the Mountain

You know when your study of the brain has peaked when you hug your loved ones and say “oxytocin” instead of “I love you.”  –Rachel Thalmann

The brain is an amazing machine, and I’ve noticed the more that people understand the way in which it works, the more in control of themselves they feel.

I was nine the first time I skied down a mountain. I learned to snow plow – to point my toes together and put pressure on the inside edges of both skies to control my speed. This method works for beginners, particularly children. It worked again when I was 13, and kinda worked when I was 30, and by last year at 38, I wanted to learn a new way to be on skis. So this year I did…and it came with navigating myself more than navigating a mountain. (more…)

One Question Everyone Should Ask Themselves

man-945438_960_720Let’s cut to the chase. Here is the question:

What is in my deepest, innermost value?

Really, take a moment to close your eyes, breath deeply a few times, and consider this question.


Your answer to this question will illuminate your life. A light will switch on. You will recognize not only what is driving you, but you’ll also become privy to a source of dissatisfaction. (more…)

I Don’t Think I’ll Vote this Year

votedI don’t know for whom to vote in November. I’m seriously stuck. I might not even vote.

Some of my friends challenge me that “not voting at all is one more vote for so-and-so!” So instead of voting FOR a candidate, vote AGAINST one.

I guess that’s one way to look at it.

I’ll kind of make up my mind, and then I read something that offsets what I was sort of finally at peace with. Then I scramble to find another redeeming quality in a candidate, and it’s shot down quickly by another source. How does one really make a decision about this?

I’m leery to even post such a semi-political blog because I’ve watched people take offense and literally “lose it” over political matters. I’m just thinking aloud, people, don’t teach me a lesson by calling me something terrible with an added lecture! Suspend judgment on this one!


Don’t find Fault – Find a Remedy

imgres-1After trying to reconcile horrific recent local and world events this week, I believe I’ve found a remedy. Believe it or not, this doesn’t include a new president, or more laws, or the expectation for anyone else to swoop in and “make it all right”.

It’s actually an easy remedy…and a hard remedy.

The easy part? It starts with me. The hard part? It starts with me.