How Coaching Creates Professional Dreams-Come-True

How Coaching Creates Professional Dreams-Come-True

Slowly, a series of blogs have been developing. This is #3. Humble, sincere, and hard-working professionals don’t usually stand first in line saying “ME! ME!” Write a blog on me!” After some time, Jessica finally said yes. Some of my favorite people don’t realize the magnitude of their talents and the subsequent impact they make…

Meet Jessica.

Who are you and what do you do?


Finding Your Way or Making Your Move? Five Big Questions to ask Yourself

Finding Your Way or Making Your Move? Five Big Questions to ask Yourself

Similar to the conundrum of which came first, the chicken or the egg, comes finding your way or making your move.

In a recent interview I did with Stacy Feil, ICFH president, I shared that there were many things in my life that I actively pursued. While coaching wasn’t one of them, it was exactly where I wanted to be but didn’t know it.

Coaching pursued me.

In this case, I found my way, but I wasn’t pursuing it. These are the most meaningful types of connections, in my opinion, and like J.R.R. Tolkin said, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Making a move, on the other hand, is being the one who is doing the pursuing, like a degree, a mate, or an outcome.

One thing that’s helpful in getting clarity whether you’re finding your way or making your move, is to reflect through big questions. When processing through questions, any that don’t feel settled or absolute will continue to hang out in your subconscious as unfinished business, and your mind will still work on answering them. 

This process opens you up to possibilities.

Asking big questions, invites unique answers. Here are five to consider.


Harvard vs Yale: Coaching makes a Difference

In 1875, Harvard and Yale played one of the first American rules football games. At that time, Yale hired a coach. Harvard did not. Over the next three decades, Harvard only won four times.

What happened next?

Harvard hired a coach.

Over time, coaching became the way sports works––to the point of assigning the value of a coach at upwards of 6 million dollars today.

If the value of having a coach increases the potential of sports teams, does that value of increasing potential transfer into other fields?

3 Things You Need to Know that Hide Potential

When asked how he carved his infamous statue of David, Michelangelo replied, “I just chipped away what wasn’t David.”

In the business of personal coaching, group coaching, and culture audits, our goal is similar: to help individuals and groups chip away what gets in the way of inherent possibility.

“There was time before you felt (insert limiting belief here),” I tell clients. “The You from that time is still inside.”

Then we proceed with the process of chipping marble–of chipping thinking, feeling, and doing. (more…)