One surprising way your phone keeps your experiences shallow

stay-presentDigital pictures can capture every moment. Vicariously experiencing the activities of others remains just a thumb movement away.

Because of instant media access, we can take something deeply meaningful and export it for others to have a taste, too.

Swipe. Click. Scroll. Click. POST!

We’ve shared the experience!

Or have we?

Google the secret to success and ironically one key that always surfaces is to “keep it a secret”. If you truly want to be motivated, they say, don’t tell anyone your goals. Why not? Well, it takes something away from original intentions. Once its been made public, there’s scientific evidence that motivation to work hard slips. (more…)

How to Instantly find your Purpose!

images-1For many of us, our purpose is something we think in terms of what we do, “I was made for this!” What this leads us to believe is that if I find “this”, my purpose, I’ll be living a powerful life, right?

But wait.

What if it takes 36 years to discover “this”, did I waste half of my life?

Or what if I already found “this”, but after several years I can feel that my passion has faded some?


How People are Radically Improving in Only 20 Minutes

images-7What if I told you that only 20 minutes a day of significantly doing “nothing” could improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, increase your productivity, and deepen your sense of significance?

It’s true.

I like to sit quietly for 20 minutes and just breathe. I shut down my thinking, become keenly aware of what’s going on inside me, and experience calm and total peace. This routine allows me to be totally present, and I’ve learned to practice taking this presence with me throughout my day. (more…)

People who use Intuition have an Edge


Steve Jobs called intuition, “more powerful than intellect”, and if you’ve experienced it, you know it is. In fact, intuition surpasses analytical thinking, and intuitive “knowing” becomes something that is hard to describe.

I didn’t really know it here (points to head)…I just knew it here (points to heart or gut).

Intuition is a gut-feeling, an instinct, a hunch, or a sense. By it’s very nature, it can easily be avoided because 1. It sounds pretty non-concrete and 2. When thinking of the 6th sense, “I see dead people” often comes to mind. (more…)