5 Ways to Deal with your 700,000 Thoughts

People talk at 125-225 words per minute on average and can think 4x faster.

That means roughly having 500-900 thoughts per minute. So in one hour, the average person would have about 30,000-60,000 internal thoughts.


If you like the math, in just an 8-hour workday that’s about 240,000-480,000 thoughts. All in your head. And that’s not including the ones that you actually turn into audible words or the ones that occur during the rest of your waking moments.

But have you ever really stopped to think about what you’re thinking about?


3 Easy Ways to Increase Holiday Happiness by Phone

imgresIt is the nature of nature to repeat itself. Each morning, the sun rises. The moon continues its phases. The tide ebbs and flows. The seasons come and go…and come again.

The same is true for us.

We gravitate toward doing that which we’ve done before, the same routine and habits, whether they’re helpful…or harmful.

For this holiday season, consider change.

Step out of your old ways, habits, and steps. Do what you’ve never done before! (more…)

3 Ways to be Happy: Tips I learned from a Dog

img_4933I’ve never been a dog person.

I’m not comfortable having an animal in my house, on my couch, and in my car. I’m not a fan of finding little black hairs on my clothes, pillows, or god-forbid in my food. Adding extra time in my day to take an animal out to watch to make sure it empties its bladder and bowels isn’t my cup of tea. And the cost? Ignorance was bliss. (more…)