You matter. You make a difference. Be at peace and relaxed.

For the past several months, I’ve been working with a guy who “reconsolidates memories.” He explained to me that over the course of our lives our experiences become memories with emotion attached. Some emotions feel good and some don’t.

Because of these experiences (turned memories), you and I come to accept a set of beliefs. Some beliefs are freeing, and some beliefs are limiting. (more…)

What’s the Truth?

The power of awareness changes our wellbeing.   –Dr. Dan Siegel

For the last year we’ve been dog owners, and every night, whoever is the last one upstairs puts the dog in his kennel for the night.

Every time my daughter puts him to bed, she comes downstairs to her own bed feeling badly.

“Oh mama…Zip looked so sad,” she laments, “his tail stopped wagging and he looked at me with big sad eyes.”

“How do you know he’s sad, babe? Maybe he’s relieved to be going to bed?” (more…)

How Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank Made Me Better at My Job

I heard a guy give a testimony once about how he was very vanilla – meaning he didn’t have a major life event he overcame or an inspiring testimony of total transformation. He was just a guy who went through life paying attention.

I connected with his message.

I’ve spent a lot of life just paying attention.

Because of that attention, I found myself naturally leading people to the quiet place beside still waters because I was not in perpetual motion.

As a leadership coach, my biggest asset is the ability to listen, acknowledge and understand what’s being (and not being) said, and reflect back how that impacts a leader and those he or she leads.

The less distraction I experience from my own thoughts, the more effective I become. Thus, the impact my clients experience is greater – 9 times out of 10 calling our work together “life-changing”. (more…)

How to turn Good into Brilliant!

imgresMost people measure success by what they do in comparison to others.

Maybe she seems to spend more time at home with her kids, so that makes her a successful mom. Maybe so-and-so is more outgoing, so that makes him a successful salesman. Maybe I make more money than so-and-so, so I consider myself more successful.

Instead of allowing others to hold your measuring stick, measure your own success by what you do with the ability God gave you. (more…)

Are your painful experiences stumbling blocks or stepping stones?

images-1We all encounter controversy in life. It’s going to happen, and many times there is no choice in the matter.

However, what you do have a choice about is how you use those experiences.

Do they trip you up and keep you small? Or do you use them to learn and grow?

Sure, there are times it feels good to waller around in emotions that feel justified: self-pity, sadness, or anger for example. An emotional blow-up or a good cry does release catabolic energy.

A way to know when you’re free from the stumbling block is when you can go there and not get caught up in the drama. (more…)