4 Steps to Reconcile a Strained Relationship

No matter whom I’ve coached, there is always one constant: at some point we talk about a relationship.

This makes sense – we’re wired for connection. So when a connection feels strained with a colleague, spouse, child, parent, or friend, it can hold our attention hostage, leaving less space to engage elsewhere.

When you find yourself a part of strained relationship, consider four steps to reconnect and repair it going forward: (more…)

I Don’t Think I’ll Vote this Year

votedI don’t know for whom to vote in November. I’m seriously stuck. I might not even vote.

Some of my friends challenge me that “not voting at all is one more vote for so-and-so!” So instead of voting FOR a candidate, vote AGAINST one.

I guess that’s one way to look at it.

I’ll kind of make up my mind, and then I read something that offsets what I was sort of finally at peace with. Then I scramble to find another redeeming quality in a candidate, and it’s shot down quickly by another source. How does one really make a decision about this?

I’m leery to even post such a semi-political blog because I’ve watched people take offense and literally “lose it” over political matters. I’m just thinking aloud, people, don’t teach me a lesson by calling me something terrible with an added lecture! Suspend judgment on this one!


One Skill Every Leader Must Know

HappyAtWork01“You are not responsible for another person’s happiness,” I told my 7-year-old.

“But Mom,” she lamented, “it feels like I’m supposed to. It’s really going to be hard not to…”

My daughter recently experienced what many of us experience – a desire to connect in friendship and relationship.

Unfortunately, many of us didn’t learn that we don’t have to take on the challenges of others as our own to feel connected. We didn’t learn detached involvement. (more…)