Being 100% Right can be 100% Wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen it – the social media posts with blatant disgust or constant complaints. Or you’ve heard it – the blame and criticism and vile commentary towards others.

I read three consecutive posts today from one individual hating where she was, then expressing the “worst flight ever. And the odor of the fatties in front of her…” to then calling “everyone” on her return to “paradise” as “rude as ________”. (Fill in the blank, it starts with an f.)

It’s justified though right? Two wrong always make a right, right? When you feel it, freedom of speech gives you the RIGHT to say it, right? (more…)

Don’t find Fault – Find a Remedy

imgres-1After trying to reconcile horrific recent local and world events this week, I believe I’ve found a remedy. Believe it or not, this doesn’t include a new president, or more laws, or the expectation for anyone else to swoop in and “make it all right”.

It’s actually an easy remedy…and a hard remedy.

The easy part? It starts with me. The hard part? It starts with me.


Nothing in life comes labeled…YOU are the labeler

unnamed-4Inside most (if not all) human beings is an inherent desire to belong. In an effort to feel a sense of belonging, human beings have introduced labels. Basically we call things things. These labels help us to better organize and file information which tells us who we are and how the world works.

Where this concept begins to unravel is when we decide whether these labels are “good or bad” or “right or wrong”. There’s a term for this: judgment. We make a determination, or a judgment, about whether this labeled thing is something we “like” or “agree with”.

If we agree, well then we sense belonging! Surrounded by hoards of others who believe the same way! “I see you!” they say. (more…)