Turn Your NEED into How You LEAD

Giving_a_giftWhat do you think you need from others? Where do you see lack?

When you pinpoint this “thing”, you’ll find your strength in leadership.

I used to judge people who talked a lot. When extroverts began to talk, I’d stop listening. I wanted to hear from people who were quieter, who in my opinion demanded less attention, whose fewer words held more weight.

What I discovered is that I wanted to know someone who could really listen and stay engaged and reflect what I was saying – because from my discerning view, most were too busy making noise to really listen. (more…)

Why Judgment is Hindering You

Mr_Pipo_thoughts.svgAs a human being, your brain is constantly judging situations and people as good or bad, right or wrong, urgent or non-urgent, etc. It’s doing its job – securing surroundings and insuring survival.

However, probably 90% of our judgment doesn’t require such life-sustaining discernment anymore.

Most of us are judging by way of opinions, rather than by way of survival. Instead of judging surroundings for predators, we’re judging surroundings for comparison. We’ve exchanged survival for superficial, and our brain is running the show: (more…)

Nothing in life comes labeled…YOU are the labeler

unnamed-4Inside most (if not all) human beings is an inherent desire to belong. In an effort to feel a sense of belonging, human beings have introduced labels. Basically we call things things. These labels help us to better organize and file information which tells us who we are and how the world works.

Where this concept begins to unravel is when we decide whether these labels are “good or bad” or “right or wrong”. There’s a term for this: judgment. We make a determination, or a judgment, about whether this labeled thing is something we “like” or “agree with”.

If we agree, well then we sense belonging! Surrounded by hoards of others who believe the same way! “I see you!” they say. (more…)