Why you need an On-Going Romance

Begin an office romance! Start a love affair! Set your passion in motion!

Woah, wait. What?

Google tells me that romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. So, yes, I want to begin an office romance. And while I’m at, I’m going to begin a home, wellness center, grocery store, bank and traffic romance, too.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book The Voice of Knowledge, says, “How do you know when you’ve mastered love? When the story you tell is an on-going romance.”

At some point it seems romance for life begins to fade somewhere between paying utility bills and heath insurance premiums. It can fade after too many political debates, a mind-numbing television show (or five), or being disappointed in the image in your mirror. (more…)

How to Instantly find your Purpose!

images-1For many of us, our purpose is something we think in terms of what we do, “I was made for this!” What this leads us to believe is that if I find “this”, my purpose, I’ll be living a powerful life, right?

But wait.

What if it takes 36 years to discover “this”, did I waste half of my life?

Or what if I already found “this”, but after several years I can feel that my passion has faded some?


Decrease Complaining, Increase Acceptance

imagesDo you ever find yourself resisting to a lot of what is happening around you?

Resistance to what is happening can show up as complaining. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re complaining, it’s just a conditioned response to things around us – maybe even things we can’t control like weather or traffic.

Your responses are up to you. If you want to complain, you’ll find reasons to complain. If you want to express joy, you’ll find reasons for that, too! (more…)

One Skill Every Leader Must Know

HappyAtWork01“You are not responsible for another person’s happiness.”

“But Mom, it feels like I’m supposed to, and it’s going to be really hard not to.”

My 7-year-old daughter recently experienced what people of all ages experience – a desire to connect in friendship and relationship. However, we also feel like that means taking on the challenges (or successes) of others in order to really feel connected.

Detached involvement is a skill everyone needs to know. (more…)