How to Face Fear Once and for All

16845710338_e474c10974_bThe fears we don’t face become our limits.

Raise your hand if the fear of what others think, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, or the fear of letting someone down or not being enough has ever stopped you.

(insert cricket chirp)

Fear is a theme. Deep inside everyone I have worked with, there is a fear of some sort. (more…)

How to turn Good into Brilliant!

imgresMost people measure success by what they do in comparison to others.

Maybe she seems to spend more time at home with her kids, so that makes her a successful mom. Maybe so-and-so is more outgoing, so that makes him a successful salesman. Maybe I make more money than so-and-so, so I consider myself more successful.

Instead of allowing others to hold your measuring stick, measure your own success by what you do with the ability God gave you. (more…)

Why to avoid “How are you?”

7650804342_9715bb425fI think we should stop asking “how are you” unless we’re actually interested.

Think about it – how often is it used without ever really sticking around in the conversation long enough to fully know how someone truly is?

This phrase keeps us playing roles. One role, for example, is “I’m friendly and polite,” and the other role is “I won’t expose what I’m really thinking or feeling inside.” Most of us have really only learned how to make nice with one another – keeping our happy masks on.

It makes sense. For one, the discomfort of hearing someone’s sad or angry or dramatic story makes the generic “how are you” role comfortable. For two, it’s just not that socially acceptable to really be that vulnerable with people. Right? (more…)

Yo, VIP – Let’s Kick It! What Vanilla Ice Taught me about Mindfulness

 Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

Half of you are hooked right now. You know what’s next.

Ice is back with my brand new invention.

Come on – you KNOW this.

Something…Grabs ahold of me tightly – flow like a harpoon daily and nightly.

Will it ever stop? Yo. I don’t know!

(What happens if you turn off the lights? That’s right, people born in the mid 70s-90s…) I’ll glow!

To the extreme I rock a mic like a candle, light up the stage and wax a chump like a candle… Dance! Bum rush the speaker that booms… (more…)