Why you need an On-Going Romance

Begin an office romance! Start a love affair! Set your passion in motion!

Woah, wait. What?

Google tells me that romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. So, yes, I want to begin an office romance. And while I’m at, I’m going to begin a home, wellness center, grocery store, bank and traffic romance, too.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book The Voice of Knowledge, says, “How do you know when you’ve mastered love? When the story you tell is an on-going romance.”

At some point it seems romance for life begins to fade somewhere between paying utility bills and heath insurance premiums. It can fade after too many political debates, a mind-numbing television show (or five), or being disappointed in the image in your mirror. (more…)

How to make your Brain work for You

images-1You are not your brain.
When stress hits and you feel your body tense up and maybe a headache accompanies the tension, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

When fear occurs and you feel your heart rate increase and your palms get cold and sweaty, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

Ladies, when the limbic system in your brain releases hormones monthly and you experience irritability, sadness, foggy mind, or bouts of anxiety or insecurity, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing. (more…)

You’re Not Special: What to do when you Find Out

like-mindedYou’re not special, but you are unique. This was the opening line in an email a few weeks ago that first made my stomach sink and now makes my spirit soar.

Feeling significant and worthy is a common human need. Religion, consumerism, and achievement all speak to the hole in humanity that everyone knows exists, but most keep hidden. Shh, that hole is a secret. I don’t want it exposed. It might make me look weak, and God knows it’ll make me feel vulnerable.


Scientific Fact You Need to know in Light of this Election

imagesOne word: Bioluminescence.

I’ve been looking for this word. I didn’t realize it until lying in bed with my husband last night deeply sighing over my observations of the human species.

I think lot of people need this word.

Bioluminescent creatures produce and emit a light from their bodies.

Some jellyfish, glowworms, and fireflies are bioluminescent.

They glow in the dark.