How well are We Loving Each Other?

I’ve never worked for an organization that included a goal and measurable outcome of success by how well we loved each other.

But I think all organizations should have one.

Neuroscientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, woke up experiencing a stroke in 1996 and lost her ability to speak, read, talk, walk or remember her past within a span of four hours. Since she studied the brain, she gained incredible insight about how the two hemispheres function. (more…)

How to completely change your concept of Failure

images-1SUCCESS! GOALS! OUTCOMES! GRIT! Trendy words like these resonate with people days. “Make it happen! Dig in your heals! Show grit!” they say.

While these concepts may drive and motivate people, I can’t help wondering, Where does failure come in?

Recently a client shared that because she didn’t meet a goal she’d set for herself, she didn’t feel whole. “I don’t feel whole because I failed,” she said. An uncommon jittery demeanor surfaced and her eyes avoided mine. Normally this woman is energetic and vivacious, so her discomfort with failure obvious. (more…)

Three Tips for Successful New Year Resolutions

A statistic recimagesently surfaced that 40-50% of those who resolve to make changes in January will succeed for at least 6 months. And of those who are still plugging away in June, the odds of continuing are 10x more likely to make it all year!

Coincidently, 25% of those who charge ahead January 1, also end up quitting before the end of the week.

So what would you like to really change in 2016?

Here are three tips for success for real change: (more…)