How Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank Made Me Better at My Job

I heard a guy give a testimony once about how he was very vanilla – meaning he didn’t have a major life event he overcame or an inspiring testimony of total transformation. He was just a guy who went through life paying attention.

I connected with his message.

I’ve spent a lot of life just paying attention.

Because of that attention, I found myself naturally leading people to the quiet place beside still waters because I was not in perpetual motion.

As a leadership coach, my biggest asset is the ability to listen, acknowledge and understand what’s being (and not being) said, and reflect back how that impacts a leader and those he or she leads.

The less distraction I experience from my own thoughts, the more effective I become. Thus, the impact my clients experience is greater – 9 times out of 10 calling our work together “life-changing”. (more…)

Everyone Needs Solitude – Here’s a Unique way to Experience it


solitude  “I’ve been busy!” We hear ourselves say it in conversation not even sure ourselves what that means exactly. Whatever it means, we must be productive. Right?

There comes a time – perhaps a breaking point – when leaders know it’s time to be alone. To regroup. To remember who we are really, and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Being alone – centering, praying, being, or meditating – becomes something that not only relaxes our mind and body, but actually makes us better leaders.

All one has to do is Google to find hundreds of health benefits and stress reduction from activities that induce meditation. Meditation can be simply defined as: thinking, consideration, contemplation and concentration. (more…)