How to Strengthen Your Marriage, Your Family & Yourself

Driving home one evening from an afternoon of swimming and barbecuing with friends, I turned to look in the backseat at my tanned-skinned tuckered-out kids, and with a full heart told my husband, “Summer is what life is all about.”

Growing up surrounded my educators, summer was lathered with reasons to be happy. No schedules. No alarm clocks. No rushing. No shoes? No problem.

Summer completes me. Summer makes me happy.

Summer was once what I lived for until… (more…)

A Determining Factor of Happiness You’ll Want to Know

imgres-1In a 75 year study, the longest study on happiness currently led by Robert Waldinger, the bottom line that keeps us happiest and healthiest the longest is this: good relationships.

The study began with men in their teens and lasted into their 80s and extended beyond to their families. By age 50, those who were most satisfied in their relationships were the healthiest by age 80. Cholesterol levels weren’t the determining factor. Wealth was not the determining factor. Nor was fame or working harder.

The bottom line? Mutually secure relationships.

It’s not the number of friendships that are linked to happiness; it’s the quality of the close relationships that matter.