You Know You’ve Peaked when Your Focus is You and not the Mountain

You know when your study of the brain has peaked when you hug your loved ones and say “oxytocin” instead of “I love you.”  –Rachel Thalmann

The brain is an amazing machine, and I’ve noticed the more that people understand the way in which it works, the more in control of themselves they feel.

I was nine the first time I skied down a mountain. I learned to snow plow – to point my toes together and put pressure on the inside edges of both skies to control my speed. This method works for beginners, particularly children. It worked again when I was 13, and kinda worked when I was 30, and by last year at 38, I wanted to learn a new way to be on skis. So this year I did…and it came with navigating myself more than navigating a mountain. (more…)

Why you need an On-Going Romance

Begin an office romance! Start a love affair! Set your passion in motion!

Woah, wait. What?

Google tells me that romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. So, yes, I want to begin an office romance. And while I’m at, I’m going to begin a home, wellness center, grocery store, bank and traffic romance, too.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book The Voice of Knowledge, says, “How do you know when you’ve mastered love? When the story you tell is an on-going romance.”

At some point it seems romance for life begins to fade somewhere between paying utility bills and heath insurance premiums. It can fade after too many political debates, a mind-numbing television show (or five), or being disappointed in the image in your mirror. (more…)

4 Steps to get Motivated and take Action

images-4For 14 months I lifted weights three times a week, and then one day I quit.

I don’t think I wanted to quit. One thing led to another and soon it became easier to do something else than to drive to the gym and work up a sweat.

It was easy when working out was a habit. But when I slacked off for a few days which turned into a few weeks, I had to muster up motivation again, and that was another story. (more…)

Are your painful experiences stumbling blocks or stepping stones?

images-1We all encounter controversy in life. It’s going to happen, and many times there is no choice in the matter.

However, what you do have a choice about is how you use those experiences.

Do they trip you up and keep you small? Or do you use them to learn and grow?

Sure, there are times it feels good to waller around in emotions that feel justified: self-pity, sadness, or anger for example. An emotional blow-up or a good cry does release catabolic energy.

A way to know when you’re free from the stumbling block is when you can go there and not get caught up in the drama. (more…)

Let Go of what Weighs You Down

images-1Twenty-five years ago, lifeguard certification required treading water for two minutes without the use of hands. I’m not sure if holding a brick while treading was a Red Cross requirement, but to the instructor I had, it was.

Along with treading with the brick, we also
submerged 12 feet to retrieve the brick from the bottom of the pool, bring it to the surface, and swim it safely to the side under 1 minute 40 seconds.

To a 15 year old at the time, the Lifeguard Brick Test was a thrilling challenge. To a more aged woman now, a brick in water is dead weight.

Metaphorically, many of us are carrying bricks, barely keeping our heads above water. We are kicking hard, exerting energy to keep this brick in our grasp. We’ve got to pass the test. We’ve got to prove we can do it all. But, damn, that brick is heavy. (more…)