How to Face Fear Once and for All

16845710338_e474c10974_bThe fears we don’t face become our limits.

Raise your hand if the fear of what others think, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, or the fear of letting someone down or not being enough has ever stopped you.

(insert cricket chirp)

Fear is a theme. Deep inside everyone I have worked with, there is a fear of some sort. (more…)

One Solution to all your Problems!

imagesWant a quick fix to all your problems? Ask yourself this question:

How willing am I?

This answer to this question is the awareness you’ll need to move beyond your “problems” into solution-oriented living.

How willing am I to see this situation differently?

How willing am I to consider another point of view? Am I willing to heal? To move on? To fail? How willing am I to truly succeed?


Why it’s really okay to Receive

With the season of giving still lingering, a blog about receiving seems reasonable.

For many, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus as a gift in Whom all sins of all people who beimageslieve in Him are forgiven. Humanity is free to fellowship intimately with a Higher Power dwelling right inside them – to be loved and known and in communion with a Creator, who in His own image, created them. “He lives in me,” a song reminds me.

Here’s the phenomenon however: many struggle accepting this gift with a simple “thank you”. Most feel they “have to, ought to, or need to” do certain things or act a certain way in order to really redeem this gift. (more…)

Captivity is Optional – Set Yourself Free

While driving by a prison last week, I gawked at a few men digging a new grave. Two other gravestones nearby marked newly tossed mounds of dirt.

“Hm. People die as prisoners…” I’d never really contemplated it before.

freedom!Quickly I recognized two kinds of captivity: physical and mental.

There are people who are not physically living in a prison, yet they’ll die as prisoners. Their gravestones won’t be located on the corner of the prison grounds, but they’ll be buried as a person who was held captive, nonetheless.

The mind can be a prison guard. It can run us, like automatons, if we let it. We’ll just go through the motions in life, wearing our orange jumpsuits, never really stopping to consider what the meaning truly is behind those motions. (more…)

What is your gift? Quit keeping it to yourself!

imgresBeing able to strategically place a curse word is a gift. Too many, and they lose their punch. Too few, and an opportunity is missed to create an effective point.

Putting words together to create different sentence structures, like this complex one you’re reading right now, is a talent. It excites me to break up thoughts using hyphens for emphasis – like this. And it’s meaningful for me to use punctuation to create pause. Stop. Just exist. Take it in. Slow down. (Like that.)

If words were those plastic balls that fill pits for little kids to jump in, I’d flop right in and waller all around in those things. (more…)