Stay Awake! 3 Ways to Transform Pain into Power

My blood pressure was 144 over 95. I felt anxious. I have a knack for appearing composed, but my heart always rats me out.

I was in and out of outpatient care in 90 minutes for a three-minute procedure that required fasting the day before. Only clear liquids for 24 hours and then nothing the morning of. Fasting aided in mental preparation for the experience because I planned to opt out of anesthesia.

I wanted to be fully conscious.


You’re Not Special: What to do when you Find Out

like-mindedYou’re not special, but you are unique. This was the opening line in an email a few weeks ago that first made my stomach sink and now makes my spirit soar.

Feeling significant and worthy is a common human need. Religion, consumerism, and achievement all speak to the hole in humanity that everyone knows exists, but most keep hidden. Shh, that hole is a secret. I don’t want it exposed. It might make me look weak, and God knows it’ll make me feel vulnerable.


Scientific Fact You Need to know in Light of this Election

imagesOne word: Bioluminescence.

I’ve been looking for this word. I didn’t realize it until lying in bed with my husband last night deeply sighing over my observations of the human species.

I think lot of people need this word.

Bioluminescent creatures produce and emit a light from their bodies.

Some jellyfish, glowworms, and fireflies are bioluminescent.

They glow in the dark.



I Don’t Think I’ll Vote this Year

votedI don’t know for whom to vote in November. I’m seriously stuck. I might not even vote.

Some of my friends challenge me that “not voting at all is one more vote for so-and-so!” So instead of voting FOR a candidate, vote AGAINST one.

I guess that’s one way to look at it.

I’ll kind of make up my mind, and then I read something that offsets what I was sort of finally at peace with. Then I scramble to find another redeeming quality in a candidate, and it’s shot down quickly by another source. How does one really make a decision about this?

I’m leery to even post such a semi-political blog because I’ve watched people take offense and literally “lose it” over political matters. I’m just thinking aloud, people, don’t teach me a lesson by calling me something terrible with an added lecture! Suspend judgment on this one!