Being 100% Right can be 100% Wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen it – the social media posts with blatant disgust or constant complaints. Or you’ve heard it – the blame and criticism and vile commentary towards others.

I read three consecutive posts today from one individual hating where she was, then expressing the “worst flight ever. And the odor of the fatties in front of her…” to then calling “everyone” on her return to “paradise” as “rude as ________”. (Fill in the blank, it starts with an f.)

It’s justified though right? Two wrong always make a right, right? When you feel it, freedom of speech gives you the RIGHT to say it, right? (more…)

How does Conditioned Communication affect your Relationships?

seal-326159_960_720 “You’d have popular hair in the 80s.”

These seven words were an instant trigger when my husband said them after I’d let my hair go all nat-u-ral one morning.

For 30 years I’ve fought my naturally curly hair with straightening shampoos, gobs of hair product, and a flat iron. To say the least, I prefer anti big hair.

“That was a back-handed thing to say,” I said.

Naturally I was talking out of 30 years of non-acceptance for my DNA, and at the same time he was talking out of 30 years of speaking with metaphor rather than just saying what he really meant. (more…)