3x State Championship Football Coach’s Message: Love the Journey

Brandon once told me that his fight and competitive drive finally brought the arrival of what he’d wanted for most of his life: success in the form of a 6A State Championship. But as he stood on the field under Friday night lights, Coach Clark redefined “success” because the moment he’d worked toward for so long…felt empty. Coincidently Brandon’s shift of loving the journey instead of just the outcome created more success for himself, his team, his staff, and his family.

RT: Who is Brandon Clark?

BC: I’m a husband and father to three children. I grew up in Valley Center and went to Kansas State University and played football underneath the legendary Bill Snyder. I bounced around a few NFL mini camps until I took my first teaching job at Derby High School. I was an assistant coach for three years have been the head football coach for 11 years.

We’ve made it to the State 6A semi finals 7 out of the 11 years.  We’ve won three 6A state championships in the last four years.  But I’m not coaching for state championships. (more…)

People who use Intuition have an Edge


Steve Jobs called intuition, “more powerful than intellect”, and if you’ve experienced it, you know it is. In fact, intuition surpasses analytical thinking, and intuitive “knowing” becomes something that is hard to describe.

I didn’t really know it here (points to head)…I just knew it here (points to heart or gut).

Intuition is a gut-feeling, an instinct, a hunch, or a sense. By it’s very nature, it can easily be avoided because 1. It sounds pretty non-concrete and 2. When thinking of the 6th sense, “I see dead people” often comes to mind. (more…)

Who’s on your Team? How to Surround Yourself with Good Vibes.

“You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So look around. Who are the top five in your daily life?

When I went to college, I hit the ground running…well actually, it was passing, hitting and blocking. I was part of a volleyball team. A group. A collective unity. If I was standing on the court, I could look around and see five teammates at any given time.

Anyone who has played sports knows how vibes within a team affect the outcome. And perhaps the vibes among a team can far outweigh the numbers on a scoreboard, leaving winning and losing an illusionary frame of reference. (more…)