imagesMost busyness begins and ends in the mind. If the mind gets overloaded or preoccupied with things that happened in the past or things that haven’t yet happened, mental energy is used up. Couple that with the “to do” list that still has to get done today and boom – stress.

The more we’re stressed, the worse we feel.

If a stress epidemic is something in which you can relate, start with managing it in the space between your ears.First, make an honest assessment about what takes your mental space. Where do you spend your most time on purpose? Where do you spend your most time in which you lost track of time?images

Once you’ve uncovered those “things”, make a plan to be more efficient with them. Here are some examples:

  1. Pick out what you’re going to wear ahead of time. Have a few set outfits or suits that are your go-to. The President doesn’t spend energy on what he will wear. He reserves mental energy for other things.
  2. Put supper in the crock pot. Have a weekly meal plan. Make extra when you do cook so you can freeze it and pull it out on a night you feel your mental reserves are low.
  3. Shut off the notifications on your phone. Start with email. Don’t get notifications, and don’t open your email until you’re sitting down to specifically work on it. Pick twice a day to begin and stick with it.
  4. Schedule your posts on social media. If you post on social media, take advantage of a scheduler, and work for one hour on one day to post for the rest of the week.

When your mind is relaxed your body is relaxed, which makes connecting with full mental capacity easier moment to moment.

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