stay-presentDigital pictures can capture every moment. Vicariously experiencing the activities of others remains just a thumb movement away.

Because of instant media access, we can take something deeply meaningful and export it for others to have a taste, too.

Swipe. Click. Scroll. Click. POST!

We’ve shared the experience!

Or have we?

Google the secret to success and ironically one key that always surfaces is to “keep it a secret”. If you truly want to be motivated, they say, don’t tell anyone your goals. Why not? Well, it takes something away from original intentions. Once its been made public, there’s scientific evidence that motivation to work hard slips.

So what slips when deeply meaningful moments are made public?

The greatest measures of happiness, purpose, and deep satisfaction are lost. Instead of experiencing the moment in its fullness, we give it away in his halfness.

Think about it:

  • What would be different if, in the moment, treasures were captured in our hearts instead of captured on iCloud?
  • What would be different if, in the moment, instead of thinking of a witty caption we just felt the experience with our whole being?images
  • What would be different if, in the moment, we collected sights, sounds, and intuitive notions instead of checking back for likes and comments?

Ironically, we’d be given exactly what we’re mysteriously seeking for by NOT keeping moments private: The power of presence. The growing of gratitude. The swelling of satisfaction. A meaning for each moment.

Up for a challenge?

Begin by becoming highly aware of the times a picture seems necessary. What is your intention? How can you experience the moment to its complete and utter fullest? What would give you the deepest peace?

THEN capture accordingly.

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