imagesWant a quick fix to all your problems? Ask yourself this question:

How willing am I?

This answer to this question is the awareness you’ll need to move beyond your “problems” into solution-oriented living.

How willing am I to see this situation differently?

How willing am I to consider another point of view? Am I willing to heal? To move on? To fail? How willing am I to truly succeed?

How does this one shift in your thinking change it all? Easy – it doesn’t require willpower, which will eventually run out. It requires only that you open your mind and heart and say out loud, “I am willing to see this differently.” That’s all it takes.

In the form of a prayer it might sound like this:imgres

God, I want the best for both of us, and I’m willing to look at this relationship differently.

God, it doesn’t matter to me who is right or who is wrong, I’m willing to be open to the truth.

God, I’m willing to stop complaining and gossiping about people and love them exactly as they are.

God, I’m willing to open my heart as wide as it will go.

God, I am willing to look like a fool.

God, I’m willing to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

When you find you are truly willing, then you’ll find ease in problem solving.Facebook Header_INspired  Contact us to know more!

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