Rachel Thalmann

I help people get out of their own way and maximize personal and professional potential.

After my dad’s cancer diagnosis, I experienced a year of transformation. Sitting in the living presence of my dying dad gave me new insights and I was thankful I had someone to challenge me––to coach me––through experiencing life in a new way.

I believe in coaching, so I trained to become one. I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coaching Federation (ICF) with over 500 hours and five years of experience.

I would be honored to coach you.


My Coaching Plan:

  1. Clarify what you want
  2. Identify “the perfect system” that’s kept you from progress
  3. Modify thoughts, beliefs, and actions that hold you back and get really smart about emotions
  4. Continually check in on your personal, professional, (and spiritual) growth


My Client Criteria:

  • You are committed.
  • You enjoy challenge – bringing one and accepting one.
  • You are willing to learn, stretch, and grow.

I’m excited for you to have this opportunity and to experience the difference it’s going to make in your life! Here are just a few client successes that can also be yours:

  • Build your confidence
  • Make a big, important and/or difficult decision with peace
  • Increase emotional intelligence and wellbeing
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Find your written and/or spoken voice
  • Improve family and/or colleague relationships
  • And more…

My Promise: I promise to listen well, remain neutral, ask powerful questions, and uphold confidentiality according to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards.

I contacted Rachel because I did not feel as though I was working to my potential, though I could not explain why. The time I spent with her as my leadership coach led me down a path of great self-reflection and the discovery that I was holding myself back by allowing others too much control over my feelings and reactions to situations. This time has proven invaluable to me both personally and professionally. With Rachel’s help, I have taken back that control and approach everything from a very different perspective—and I am a happier, more effective leader for it.  

–Erica Shook, Secondary Educator & Doctoral Candidate in Leadership

Rachel has a rare capacity for enabling others to get out of their own way. Her insights have increased my self awareness and I’m now more productive in both my personal and professional life.          

–Jon McGraw, retired NFL Veteran, former Kansas City Chief


Through my leadership coaching I found peace. I realized how at peace my life had become in just a few short eye-opening sessions. I have been through a lot of leadership trainings, but nothing helped me look inward and make positive changes to the way I respond to the world around me until this.        
-Jessica Schmidt, Realtor

Coaching with Rachel changed my self-awareness, mindset and confidence level as a leader for my team and in my personal life!  It was a break through for me to be able to shift my awareness on why I think and feel the way I do. I am able now to RISE UP and dig deep within myself to find MORE in each moment!

-Jill Boswell, Rodan & Fields Consultant