championThe idea of being your own champion is noble, but what about having another encouraging and stimulating person in your corner?

A champion lives to point out the greatest in others. They genuinely care for the success, well-being, and happiness of those around them. They have no motive other than to do what they were made to do – root for others! For you!

“I believe in you!” they declare.

“I know your greatest qualities, let me share them with you!” they proclaim.

“You have what it takes!” they say.

How do you find a Champion?

Ask. Seek. Knock. Only not in that order.

Seek first.

Close your eyes and imagine what sort of support you’d dream to have. Does it comes from a man or woman? Father or mother-like? Brother or sister-like? Who first comes to mind? Who is second? Is just the thought of their support enough to inspire you?

Knock second.

Knock off the fear of asking or the doubt that they’d want to champion you. Champions are out there. They exist…and are waiting for an invitation.

Finally, ask.

Make a call. Send a text. Type an email. Do it.

Whoever you want in your corner is probably waiting for you to ask them to step into the ring. Take yourself to the next level…by finding yourself a champion.

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