I haven’t felt inspired in a few weeks. Very little has moved me to greater effort, enthusiasm or creativity. A particular feeling hasn’t been awakened thats led to productive insight lately. Things have felt…ordinary.

So I didn’t write.

A subtle pressure slowly began building to produce meaningful and profound output. I didn’t feel on the cusp of any wow-factor material, and I didn’t want to sound like everybody else.

So I didn’t write.

I read a book that’s trending in education right now and felt like I “should” have liked it, but I didn’t. It put me in a mind-numbing coma and left me wondering what I missed.

So I didn’t write.

So during a conversation with my husband, washing homemade pizza down with water in mismatched cups, I mentioned my need to get inspired. The laid-back man to whom I’ve been committed for the last 15 years curiously asks, “Is it okay to be uninspired?”

Is it?

I decided to write because it is okay. And I want to tell you that.

Maybe you’ve set your alarm for the umpteenth time for another routine week of waking up under the same roof and heading to the same job. Maybe there are many days that feel simply “ordinary” and there’s something nagging you, “Shouldn’t it be better than this?”

Perhaps you’re driven to produce, perform, or prove something about the validity of your life existence, but sometimes the need to succeed has burned you out. Maybe deep down you’d really like to be okay with feeling uninspired for a bit and ride the wave of life awhile without having to make it seem better or worthy or special to a single other human being.

If so, that’s cool.

While every high, every low, all spiritual and personal growth and spiritual and personal lulls occur, it’s still enough. It is this ordinary lull in life when many leaders push harder because we feel like it isn’t.

The seduction to believe that the ordinary is not okay can be uncompromising; to be significant you have to be extraordinary. Ordinary is not that inspiring. It might not wow someone. And it doesn’t bring much glory with it.

The bigger the drive to go after the next trending book, idea, or person, the more elusive satisfaction and contentment can be. There will always be more. It’s the shared part of the human experience we don’t like to talk or write about.

So today? So what. Write anyway!

Teach anyway!

Lead anyway!

Like a bear coming out of hibernation, the season of waking up returns while our eyes adjust to the light. The hunger will rumble in our bellies soon enough, and we’ll be ready to go after what nourishes us again.

In the meantime, breath deeply during the mundane. Enjoy the simplicity. Be still, feel content, and relax into experiencing and embracing the ordinary of life.

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