imgresMost people measure success by what they do in comparison to others.

Maybe she seems to spend more time at home with her kids, so that makes her a successful mom. Maybe so-and-so is more outgoing, so that makes him a successful salesman. Maybe I make more money than so-and-so, so I consider myself more successful.

Instead of allowing others to hold your measuring stick, measure your own success by what you do with the ability God gave you.

What are you good at? And what is your brilliant genius?

There is a difference.

Maybe you’re good at writing, but your brilliant genius is using metaphors and analogies that bring relevance to the reader.

Maybe you’re a good facilitator, but your brilliant genius is sensing the way the group really wants to go and giving everyone a chance to voice it.

Maybe you’re a good leader, but your brilliant genius is drawing out the best in people because you recognize their brilliant genius.

Maybe you’re a good speaker, but your brilliant genius is a knack for intelligent humor in the form of skillful wit.

However you pinpoint your genius, don’t compare it with anyone else. This is your thing in the way only you can bring it.

Get really clear about your genius abilities.

Write them down.

And then measure success by how you bring your authentic genius to everything you do.

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