images-1For many of us, our purpose is something we think in terms of what we do, “I was made for this!” What this leads us to believe is that if I find “this”, my purpose, I’ll be living a powerful life, right?

But wait.

What if it takes 36 years to discover “this”, did I waste half of my life?

Or what if I already found “this”, but after several years I can feel that my passion has faded some?

When finding purpose and meaning, the first thing we actually need to do is stop trying to find it. Don’t look “out there” to derive meaning and value to your existence. BRING purpose to everything you do.

  • Have four loads of laundry to do? Do them with purpose.
  • Have an hour commute to work? Make driving your purpose.
  • Reading a blog about instantly finding your purpose? Boom. This is your purpose.

Take the sometimes mundane or boring things and bring meaning imgresto them. Then your purpose just becomes living – fully. Engage in each moment as if it is the most important thing you’re doing. Bring instant connection and full engagement to all things as you make “this” your primary purpose.

Your secondary purpose, then – that thing you do – will be derived from an already powerful life of awareness and meaning!

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