Flying across the still waters of the lake by jet ski at sun-up last weekend, I caught myself in mid-thought, “When I retire, I’m going to…”

“Woah. STOP. RIGHT. THERE,” I told myself.

A few years ago I’d read an article by a man who told of his vacation with his wife and kids to Hawaii, and while standing on the white sandy beach with the crimsons and pinks of the sunset splashed across the horizon in front them, his wife said, “I can’t wait to come back here next year.” The husband was taken back by this comment. Why all the wishing and waiting to come back when you’re here right now? He went on to describe the necessity of savoring and experiencing the moment IN the moment, not wishing for anything else. Not thinking. Not focusing that the moment will eventually move on to the next, but just experience it. Be alive. Now.

When I caught myself in this same predicament, I chuckled. None of it belonged to us. We were invited for the weekend, “But I’m here right now. I don’t need to wait until retirement!”

I let go of the wanting, the “in-the-future-thinking,” and raised both my arms out to my sides. I lifted my face to the rising sun…and savored it…the wind, the spray, the sound, the fishy smell, the experience…without having to possess it.

Aliveness embraced me.

When we left the lake, instead of taking discontentment, or a new goal to make more money, or an inner desire to own and possess, I took with me a deepening in my spirit. I made a deposit down deep into the core of myself. And because of that, I am wealthy.

Filthy, amazingly, rich.


What vision of the future are you hanging onto? (Or what vision is hanging onto you?)

What keeps you from feeling fully alive right now?

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