imagesFear and anger are flowing freely these days. This type of energy is like sludge – it immobilizes any real truth from coming forward and tends to block any real progress. This energy is draining and perpetuating. Fear and anger are default responses, which are totally normal in times of confusion.

However, what we don’t need is more fear and anger.

We need calmness. Peace. Composure. A leading beside still waters. Restoration deep in the chambers of our souls.Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Do you want to decrease what feels like insanity? Start within yourself. Start right now.

Start with this paragraph. After reading the next sentence, take a minute to do what it suggests, and see if your energy is not shifted. Close your eyes, take a deep gut-filling breath through your nose, and then blow out slowly through your mouth releasing any tension you feel in your neck and shoulders. Do this a few times and then continue to read on.

What are you feeling?

After a series of shaky volleys in college, if our team began to internalize the shakiness and experience it in our minds and actions, our coach would call a time-out and direct us to sit down. She’d say, “Put your eyebrows down.” And just like that, shakiness began to

Think about it. Eyebrows up express fear, panic, uncertainty, or loss of control. Just by letting the eyebrows relax, instantly our energy felt calm…focused…back in perspective of the whole picture.

Where is your current focus? How long are you choosing to focus there?

Are you habitually scrolling through your newsfeed? Mindlessly clicking on the next enticing article? Being drawn in and absorbing the ever-energy-sucking emotions of fear or anger?

Are you incessantly watching the news, eyes glues to the television, wrapped up in moments of frozen horror?


If so, get control of yourself. Stop doing that which feeds the chaos inside you, and you’ll begin to notice less chaos surrounding you.

When you meet anger and fear with anger and fear, nothing is going to change. Insanity remains.

Turn off the TV, tune into radio that lifts your mood, SHUT THE NOTIFACTIONS OFF ON YOUR PHONE (yes, I yelled that), and connect in the present moment you’re in.

Be mindful of your own energy. Take a deep breath.

If this feels irresponsible to you, then do it for a day and see what happens. Start there.

But however you start, start now. The world needs you composed. The world needs people leading beside still waters so their souls can feel restored.

The beginning of diminishing chaos begins within you.

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