imgres-1While you sleep, your brain still works on your behalf. Why not consciously use it to work for you?

In a recent blog on Inc., a ten-minute routine is described to utilize this amazing phenomenon. By writing down questions or goals before bed, you can check in with yourself upon waking and write down what new thoughts you have in the morning.

Keeping the same basic routine while including intentions will set a productive tone daily:

Step One

Right before getting some shut-eye, write down specific things you want to be intentional about the following day. Elaborate, write questions, create a plan, or journal whatever it is that is on your mind with intention.

Next, set an intention for the next morning. How do you want to begin your day? Starting off with gratitude, prayer, a positive thought, or a plan of action sets the day in motion, and like a magnet, it attracts more of it!

I experience joy and laugh out loud! is an example of an intention.

Step Two

Upon waking, check in with your first thought. What is it?imgres

Before moving on, focus on your intention from the evening before. Feel the gratitude. Say the prayer and connect with a bigger force. Believe a positive affirmation. Don’t get up until your intention is aligned with how you want your day to go.

Zig Ziglar once said that when he’d wake up each morning, he’d clap his hands together and say, “Today is going to be a great day!”

Write out new ideas, insights or reflections after eight hours of your subconscious working for you, and experience more clarity and focus to your day.images

By being intentional to use your days, moments and thoughts to work on your behalf, and “just what you needed” at “just the right time” will begin to show up. Creativity will increase and your contribution will be more powerful than ever.

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