Slowly, a series of blogs have been developing. This is #3. Humble, sincere, and hard-working professionals don’t usually stand first in line saying “ME! ME!” Write a blog on me!” After some time, Jessica finally said yes. Some of my favorite people don’t realize the magnitude of their talents and the subsequent impact they make…

Meet Jessica.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jessica Mossman, and I provide direct-intensive technical assistance to schools and districts. My goal is improving student learning experiences and successful and equitable outcomes for all students.

Also, one of my strengths (and passions) is creating order out of chaos!

What problem did you have before working in a coaching relationship?

Professionally: My career seemed to be something that was happening to me. I wanted to be the one intentionally steering my professional life.

Personally: Fear had caused me to be paralyzed for years. I wanted to make some big moves in my personal life but was so afraid I did nothing.

How did you hear about coaching?

I had an opportunity to attend the INspired Leadership workshop, which ended up being beneficial to my growth as a leader, so when my employer offered the opportunity to engage in coaching as part of our professional development, I jumped at the chance!

Why did you commit to the process?

Coaching was the first professional opportunity I had been given by my employer to invest in my personal growth. It only took a few sessions, and I could see/feel the difference coaching had made for me. The success I’ve experienced has kept me engaged with coaching for the last five years. 

(Rachel here––sometimes one session is all a client wants, sometimes a coaching partnership spans a time period. There are a handful of professionals I continue to work with, some going on seven years…we can do even more efficient and deep work because of our history together.)

What results did you achieve through the coaching process?

Coaching has made all the difference in being able to move forward confidently. I started the coaching process by focusing on some things in my personal life that at the time felt all consuming. After making some huge strides to move forward in my personal life, I’ve been able to shift the focus of coaching to my professional life.

Now I have a clear picture of the strengths I bring to any position. I also know what drives me professionally and have a concrete plan for actions I am taking to influence my career. That feels empowering!

What do you have going on that you’re excited about?

Coaching has given me the confidence to pursue some professional dreams. Some recent dreams-come-true are:

  • I published my first article through ASCD Express. Engagement, Not Distraction: Managing Technology’s Pull in the Classroom. This newsletter publication has 200k+ subscribers and is well-respected in the field of education.
  • I was a guest on the Untitled Podcast , where I spoke about effective ways to use technology in the classroom.
  • I also helped to produce a series of video coaching modules focused on a root cause analysis process for the Kansas Learning Network and am in the initial stages of producing a podcast focused on teacher leaders.


Reflect: What professional contribution have you been dreaming about doing? What one thing has bogged you down on making that move?


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Rachel is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coaching Federation (ICF) for INspired Leadership at ESSDACK. She helps professionals master self-leadership. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, holds her two children close to her heart, and believes everyone holds their own keys to success. Book a discovery call here.

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