I recently inquired with some clients about their interested to be featured in a blog. I’m thankful this creative designer said yes. Her growth has been tremendous. It’s inspiring to watch a talented person embrace the value of their talent and contribution. Imposter syndrome can be a doozy. (I’m also partial to her name.) ūüôā
1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Rachel Knowles, and I am a creative with 15 years Graphic Design experience. My current career role is Marketing Manager for a local Southwest Kansas agricultural company. 
2. What problem did you face before working in a coaching relationship?
I struggled with confidence in my work and how others viewed my contributions and my competency. 
3. How did you hear about coaching?
I have a college friend who does coaches in California, and I’ve watched him share inspiring¬†things and recommend ways to work towards bigger goals. So, he planted the seed, but I was convinced to pursue coaching when I experienced a particularly frustrating moment at work. When I started trying to figure out how to find a local coach, I asked a few people, one of them being SheStrength with Anna Woods Fitness. She specifically directed me to INspired Leadership.
4. Why did you commit to the process?
I committed to the process because I felt heard and experienced helpful feedback without being made to feel foolish. I knew I needed something to change…I needed to learn something more to help make me a better employee and person. I was given groundwork for a process (Processing Catabolic Energy) that would guide me through my internal dialogue whenever I hit a snag with work, or even my personal life. The ability to always go back to that process, and your gentle guidance as I learned, felt like the perfect fit. Some days I needed more than a gentle nudge, but it never felt like you were judging me.¬†
5. What results did you achieve through the coaching experience?
When I take the time to work the process, I can ground myself before spiraling out of control. I have a better ability to identify the internal dialogue, emotion, cause, and response which gives me the chance to choose how to lead myself. When I take the time to lead myself, I can lead and respond better to those around me. The confidence from that, and from better understanding my value as an employee, has been the biggest benefit in working with a coach. I can trust that the work I do is good, and in turn, others see that competency as well. 
6. What do you have going on that you’d like to be recognized for, that you’re proud of, or feel confident and excited about?
I won a local logo design contest for one of my favorite places: the Wright Park Zoo in Dodge City, KS. My son and I visit there often, and are excited to see the goals they are working towards to create an excellent educational space for the local community. 
One of the favorite things about my job with EGE Products is getting out into the fields when equipment is running and snapping pics. When it’s time to develop new marketing materials (see brochure cover), instead of picking through stock photos, I have accurate¬†photos pertaining to our market, and we can put a name to the driver/operator. I work for innovative folks, and I appreciate the opportunity to develop and use a variety of my skills and talents as I build our marketing program.¬†


Reflect: External goals go hand-in-hand with internal energy. How much energy do you spend worrying about what others think? 

Journal: The value I know I contribute to those around me includes…


Rachel is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coaching Federation (ICF) for INspired Leadership at ESSDACK. She helps professionals get where they want to be, faster. Contact her.

What if you could measure leadership and culture? Ask our team how: INspired Leadership Website


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