imagesIn some areas of your life you’ve been coping.

Sometimes to cope you numb yourself with a vice like your phone, alcohol, television, drugs, or medication. Sometimes you just get to a place where you survive the day in order to face the next one.

Maybe you’re playing a role instead of being who you really are. This makes you feel drained, guilty, and sometimes angry. What you’d really like to do is thrive – just by being yourself without any expectations from yourself or others to live up to.

Thriving means not trying to control things or people in order to feel peace. Thriving means being the same privately, personally and professionally. Thriving means viewing anxiety, anger, and shame as something that may come but always goes.

Thriving is giving yourself permission to fill your own cup – to overflowing – before taking on the issues of anyone else.

images-1Thriving is relief.

Is anyone interested in relief?

There are days I know I am.

Becoming aware of the patterns and habits that cause limitations gives insight into how to change them to work for you.

One leader I know used to stop mid-sentence to say, “I don’t know…” because she was afraid of someone disagreeing with her. Another was always apologizing, saying, “I’m sorry,” when there wasn’t something to forgive. A third felt responsible for the happiness of her family and continually put them before herself until she was empty and exhausted.

Do you find yourself exhausted, apologizing, afraid of what others think, or just coping through some days?

Don’t cope a day longer when you could thrive with a few tweaks in your thinking. Contact us for yourself and your organization.

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