imgres-1After trying to reconcile horrific recent local and world events this week, I believe I’ve found a remedy. Believe it or not, this doesn’t include a new president, or more laws, or the expectation for anyone else to swoop in and “make it all right”.

It’s actually an easy remedy…and a hard remedy.

The easy part? It starts with me. The hard part? It starts with me.

  1. It means taking total responsibility for the words I speak imgresand the thoughts I think.

Every blasted one of them. It means I monitor myself. Just me. I’m paying very close attention to how I contribute to the betterment of the world around me. I get to choose what kind of words come out of my mouth and I get to determine ahead of time how they might land to someone else.

The world, and how I react to it, is being imprinted into my children. That’s enough for me to take my words seriously.

Furthermore, it means what I hear myself saying is stemming from something I think, some belief. I’m responsible for my thoughts. I’m a grown-up…some other person or organization isn’t at fault. These thoughts and beliefs are mine to maintain…or to unlearn.

  1. A remedy also means saying yes to whoever is in front of me.

imagesThose with whom I share the same blood, my literal neighbors, and the people in my community. If I’m not able to say YES to another person’s life that I know, how will I say yes to anyone’s?

Instead of my focus on changing “society”, I’m tuning into changing me.

My remedy includes reflect the beauty that does exist. And it does exist.

Loving whoever is in front of me means getting to know a person, without expectations or judgments or preconceived ideas. Saying yes means I begin asking questions with genuine curiosity. I’m looking forward to the relationships right in front of me that will enrich life.

  1. I’m focusing on what I can control.




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