imagesDo you ever find yourself resisting to a lot of what is happening around you?

Resistance to what is happening can show up as complaining. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re complaining, it’s just a conditioned response to things around us – maybe even things we can’t control like weather or traffic.

Your responses are up to you. If you want to complain, you’ll find reasons to complain. If you want to express joy, you’ll find reasons for that, too!

urlAcceptance is a great way to increase contentment and joy.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to agree with what is happening, it just means you accept the fact that it is happening.  Acceptance allows for opportunities to show up by increasing emotional intelligence and positive energy.

Here are four simple ways to INspire action toward acceptance and happiness:

  1. Make note of your triggers – weather, certain people, time of day, etc. – and decide ahead of time to accept the triggers just as they are during
    your next encounter.
  1. Type yourself an email in the heat of the desire to complain and send
    it. Open it much later and evaluate your complaint objectively. Write a response back to yourself as if responding to a friend.url-1
  2. Find three things that are going well. Say them outloud to yourself or to a friend.
  3. Make a list of things you can control.

Use a complaint as a reminder to take action. Your joy, and the joy of those around you, depends on it!

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